Market Open April 28th – October 27th

Friday nights 3 PM to 7 PM. The first Fridays of every month open until 8 PM

Serving the Mount Hood Corridor, the Mount Hood Farmers Market is located in Sandy, Oregon. Local growers, artisans and people passionate about supporting local agricultural products are currently collaborating to form the Mount Hood Farmers Market.

The Mount Hood Farmers Market is a place where youth and families can come and learn, live, and be happy. Music, food, fresh produce, art … all locally created! We are preparing a perfect space: 38600 Proctor Boulevard at the AntFarm Outdoor Building. Many call it “the barn” right in the middle of town. We are building a large information center with the mapping of local farms and bike trails. Many, many people are talking and the interest is growing. We are excited!

Mount Hood Farmers Market

The Mount Hood Farmers Market will be held at the Ant Farm Outdoor Building, 38600 Proctor Boulevard, Sandy, Oregon (located between Dairy Queen and the Big Apple). Our intention is to support and build a community and family based market with local products and great entertainment. 

2017 Market Ends October 27

Now on Friday evenings!
Friday nights from 3 PM to 7 PM
First Fridays of the month open until 8 PM